Meet Passion Person Shaun Coe!

by Alex Englehart on October 16, 2021
Ladies and gentlemen!! Please welcome our very first passion person to the stage, Shaun Coe!!

There has never been an adventure considered ‘too impossible’ for Shaun to overcome. His passion for pushing human boundaries to the very extreme fuels his everyday life. Inspired by adventure, climbing, skydiving, fighting, entrepreneurship, and more he truly@lives up to his nickname, ‘The Nordic Badass.’ “Early in life, I realized that in order to optimize myself both physically and mentally, achieving the impossible in adventure, sport, and business is the key to tapping into that potential.” Shaun is also the founder of a phenomenal supplement company @fehutribe who currently has the best recipe on the market to aid in recovery, memory, digestion, and of course, peak performance.

Shaun’s favorite Cap Culture hat?? The elevated elements performance hat.

IG : @coenan_fitness
Business: @fehutribe

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