by Alex Englehart on January 28, 2022

The wait is finally over! We are over the moon excited to share our latest and greatest hat collaboration to the world - Meet the DREAMR hat. 

A wise man once said, having a dream is what makes life interesting. It's more powerful than the setting sun, it harnesses the energy of an ocean wave, and contains the essence to change the world as we know it. It starts with a dream, it begins with a belief, it manifests through love, and it is all possible through God. This is not an ordinary hat, this hat symbolizes the dream. To pump passion, purpose, and meaning into your life! We believe the only cap should be on your head, wear this as a reminder to uncap your potential! 

Life is a roller coaster. Full of triumphs, failures, traumas, victories, joy, sadness, and a whole lot more. Passions are the building blocks to your dreams. Without passions, we feel lost, mis-directed, and lose a sense of inspiration. Without dreams, the meaning of life and our purpose is no where to be found. Let this hat serve as a constant reminder to follow your dreams and pursue your passions. They make life meaningful, full of experience, and worth LIVING! 

33% of sales from this hat will go directly to the Dream Machine Foundation in order to fund dreams all across the Country, make a positive impact on countless lives, and allow others to turn their dreams to reality. 

We are very grateful to present this symbol to the world. #WinningStreak


 Hasbro Teams up With Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley to Deliver Joy to Families  Impacted By COVID-19 | Business Wire


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