Cap Culture DNA

by Shelly Drozda on September 20, 2021

A cap isn’t just something you put on your head. For centuries, hats have been used to identify groups, social settings, and niches that have created and defined entire communities. In a melting pot of cultures, hats help us create a unique identity in our style, and bring that unique style into whatever we do in life. Our style gives us the confidence to pursue our passions without any hesitation or limitations in expressing ourselves. Caps have always had a special way of communicating a person’s field of industry, their areas of interest, and most importantly: what you want to communicate to the world. That’s why we’re passionate about helping you “Find Your Fit”; so you can find what cap will help you uncap your potential, and connect you to an impactful community of creatives with your shared passions :)

What’s so special about hats you ask? While every hat is special and unique in its own right, so is every person and what they create. Hats have always had a special way of allowing a person to express their individual style, while also collectively bringing together groups of people with the same interests. Caps are complimentary in defining who we are and what we strive to be. In the 21st century, things are eclectic, dynamic, and always changing; so why should you have hats that can’t do the same? Our products have styleability, versatility, and inclusivity for people of all fashions and passions. Our goal is to have timeless hats that are accustomed to any style, head, and passion you can think of: because we’re not just dreamers, we’re doers.



Music has been synonymous with headwear well before Bob Marley sang his first tune and iconicized his community with “One Love”. As music is a direct expression of one's passions and interests, headwear is a great way to compliment that identity in your own unique way. From wide brim hats and jazz connoisseurs, to rocking a snapback hat while holding the front rail at your favorite music festival, our hats are timeless and versatile so you can rock any style. Music is the outward expression of your inner voice, but what we often don’t realize is that our style also speaks from the soul. We offer caps that appeal to both fans and creatives alike as our passion musicians fuel their movements, and our headwear fuels their fans.

*Peak Performance*

At last, a cap that works just as hard as you. Our athletic hats will help you level up both your style and your performance with product features ideally for athletes. The performance cap comes with performance fabric front panels, a flex packable visor with a performance sweatband, and a mesh backing for maximum comfort and flexibility. Your cap shouldn’t restrain your potential, that’s why our hats were made for durability, flexibility, and with our highest performers in mind. With sports that include caps in their performance- such as golf hats for men and baseball hats- our performance hats pair perfectly to maximize your comfort and minimize the distractions so you can always train at your best and unlock your uncapped potential.


When a little wanderlust gets the best of us, our adventurers love seeking out hot summer hikes in our cool bucket hats. The perfect outdoor hiking hat with friends, our “How Are You Doing” bucket hat is a gentle reminder to always check in, connect with your adventure buddies, and take a break from the monotony of normal life for a little ~neat~ure. Our colorways come in neutral navy blue and an earthy olive green, perfect for blending in with the great outdoors.

Trailblaze away in our water-resistant caps; fit for hiking, biking, climbing, rafting, fishing or any outdoor activity! Our wide-set mesh back makes it the perfect outdoor cap for breathability, adaptability, and comfortability to mesh with any activity while keeping the elements at bay.

Fall in love with our outdoor beanies, designed for maximum comfort. Our Italian fabric was made to fit you with sustainability and the utmost quality in mind. Both our beanies and buckets are made with 50% recycled polyester, and although that’s only the start of our sustainability efforts, we want to be mindful about our community and the planet we live on and continue striving towards a more sustainable future. We make sure every order is packed in compostable mailers, shipped in a recyclable box, and sent with care!

*Health & Wellness*

The root of any success derives from within. Balancing your mind, body, and spirit are the building blocks for any happy and healthy lifestyle. For peace of mind, our “How Are You Doing?” bucket hats start the conversation on mental health and how important it is to check in with your support system, as well as with yourself. We believe in looking good, feeling good, and doing good in the world, and we want our community to feel the same. 

While looking good is just a start, we want our caps to have utility to be able to shape around the activities you do to take care of your physical health too. Our adjustable hats ensure you can flex your fit during any fitness routine you may have, and remain as steady as your dedication to building a healthier life.

Your spirit is the breath of life in which you channel all of your passions and interests. It’s a spark, an idea, a design, or a string of chords that sing to the tune of you. We take pride in bridging the gap between ideas and reality- inspiring people to chase their dreams and reminding them that anything is possible with the right support system. After all, the world’s dream is to be able to find something you love and to constantly share it with others.


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